Extended Deadline, 1 October 2019: Call for Participation, 10th Bodhimitra International Lay Buddhist Forum

Extended deadline: 1 October 2019

Email: info@bodhimitra.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/laybuddhistforum/

Call for Participation – Bodhimitra ILBF

10th International Lay Buddhist Forum

“Practical Buddhism”

Oct. 14-18, 2020

Seoul and Gyeongju,

South Korea

Dear Buddhist friends, academics, and practitioners-cum-scholars,

We are delighted to announce the 10th International Lay Buddhist Forum to be held in Seoul and Gyeongju, South Korea, October 14-18, 2020, organized by the Korean Chongji (총지) order under the guidance of Bodhimitra ILBF president, Dr Hwaling Lee.

The theme of this year’s forum is “Practical Buddhism”.
Under this umbrella, Bodhimitra ILBF aims to collect reflexive perspectives on the application of Buddhist teachings and practices to daily life, social advocacy and welfare (including Socially Engaged and Humanistic 人生 Buddhist perspectives).
In particular, we invite contributions under the following sub-themes

  • Practical Buddhism and Buddhist Modernity: Adaptations, Theories and Trends
  • Buddhist Education: Approaches and Challenges
  • Buddhist Activism: Caring for the World and for Each Other
  • Socially Engaged and Humanistic Buddhism: Practices and Approaches

Participants are welcomed from all Buddhist schools of thought and practice. We particularly encourage the participation of (lay) Buddhist teachers; academics; community leaders; educators; and youth representatives.
As with the previous fora, the 10th forum will bring together Buddhists and scholars from around the globe who want to engage actively with the programme on a shared journey of discovery of—and learning about—Practical Buddhism. Participants will contribute to the discussions, workshops, academic paper panels and round tables. The conference programme will be followed by an immersion programme (“temple stay/tour”).
All aspiring participants should send a short bio and a statement of around 200 words indicating their suggested contribution relating to the forum’s theme “Practical Buddhism”.
Academic contributions should consist of a 200-word paper abstract conforming the usual academic standards.
Buddhist practitioners should send a 200-word reflection. This reflection can consist of an abstract of

  • a suggested contribution to a discussion or workshop topic
  • a Buddhist organisation’s approach to Practical Buddhism
  • an individual motivational statement, e.g. under the heading ‘What does Practical Buddhism mean for me?’
  • a workshop/practice contribution (dharma activity, sharing, meditation etc.)

Please send your proposal to info@bodhimitra.com by 1 October 2019.
Acceptance will be communicated by 1 November 2019. Acceptance will be conditional on receipt of the full paper by 1 April 2020.
Style guidelines for the full paper can be found at https://bodhimitra.com/paper-guidelines-bodhimitra-ilbf/.

Paper submissions have no word limit but would typically be between 5000 and 10000 words.

Please note that the presentations at the Forum will be limited to 15 minutes.
Contributions will be translated into Korean for inclusion in the conference book.
We are currently envisioning that the participation at the forum (accommodation, board and transport within Korea) will either be free or significantly subsidised; we are also working on providing a limited number of international travel grants.
Further details about the programme and the registration will follow in due course.

We hope to see many of you in Korea, Oct 2020!


Bodhimtra –  International Lay Buddhist Forum (ILBF) is an independent lay Buddhist movement that is all-inclusive in membership and outlook. Any individual (lay, clergy, monastic) of a Buddhist organisation supportive of lay Buddhist development and the interaction of lay and monastic/clerical Buddhists are welcome. The movement aims to represent and further the interests and roles of lay Buddhists in the development of local and global Buddhisms in the world today.

Bodhimitra began as a lay Buddhist movement at the “World Lay Buddhist” fora that were held in Seoul annually 2007-2011 and hosted by the Korean Buddhist Chong-ji order (총지종). Renamed “ILBF – International Lay Buddhist Forum”, a changing group of volunteers from various Buddhist organizations continued the fora biannually in Spain, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.

After the 9th forum the ILBF continues under the name “Bodhimitra – the International Lay Buddhist Forum”. Bodhimitra can be translated as Friends of Enlightenment.

With the 10th anniversary forum, Bodhimitra ILBF returns to Korea.
Bodhimitra’s president, Dr. Hwaling Lee is supported by a new international team of Buddhist academics and practitioners from around the world.

For more Information about the ILBF please see https://bodhimitra.com/


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