Statement from the Chongji order

Dear ILBF/Bodhimitra friends!

We are sad to see that confusing messages have been sent. A few former ILBF volunteers have decided to go against Buddhist ways of behavior and they are trying to spread misinformation about ILBF.

We can assure you that there was no hijacking of websites; however, there was simply a change in volunteers. This was necessary due to the behavior of a few previous volunteers (including some who give themselves officially-sounding titles). We have unsuccessfully tried to reach out to this disgruntled group but, unfortunately, they continue their misinformation.  Please note that the website, Facebook page and associated email addresses are genuinely under ILBF – now Bodhimitra – directed under Master Hwaling with the full support of the Chongji order. You can ignore any miscommunications from others.

We want to remind and reassure you: ILBF was initiated by the Chongji order; while ecumenical and independent, the Chongji order and Master Hwaling always have been the founding facilitators of the WLBF/ILBF/Bodhimitra project. After the difficulties that arose with organizing the 9th ILBF in Thailand, Master Hwaling and the Chongji order decided that it was necessary to work with a new group of volunteers for the 10th forum.

Please note ILBF was always just a group of volunteer/friends working for Lay Buddhists worldwide. The group gave itself an international steering board in 2011 but the then-envisioned working modus of the board was already abandoned in 2014 as unworkable; volunteers managed to continue the meetings since then informally.

The Chongji order has always retained its intellectual and spiritual founding rights to what was first called World Lay Buddhist Forum (then ILBF; now Bodhimitra) and there is a consistent stream of agreement since 2012 that the Chongji order as the founding and supporting organization will bring the ILBF (now Bodhimitra – ILBF) back to South Korea for its 10th anniversary (ILBF Bodhimitra 2020 Call for Participation:

This is also what Master Hwaling was asked to do in Thailand.

We do believe in Buddhist conduct according to the five śīlas and encourage everyone to abstain from lying, ill-will, and from the sowing of dissent and mistrust.

WLBF/ILBF/Bodhimitra was not set up for the vanity, power, or the financial interest of a few individuals but to serve the interests of Lay Buddhists globally.

We hope you will continue to support Bodhimitra – ILBF in its aims and objectives.

All good wishes,

Chongji order

Bodhimitra five śīla (ethical principles)

* I will not kill or harm any life.

* I will not retain what is not given rightfully, nor will I take away others’ possessions.

* I will respect the sexual rights and happiness of others.

* I will not lie, nor use harsh or harmful words.

* I will avoid using substances that harm my body and mind.

Bodhimitra ILBF Aims and Objectives

Living Buddhism and leading a Buddhist life
We follow Buddha’s teachings and apply them to our everyday life in order to increase everyone’s happiness and wellbeing, beyond mere theories and ideals.

Practical Buddhism, Buddhism in daily Life, Buddhism for the benefit of all
We apply the teachings of the Buddha to real life and practice them in order to gain peace of mind, develop wisdom, and make human society peaceful and beautiful.

Responsibilities of lay Buddhists for the role of the holy Sangha
Lay Buddhists form the majority of Buddhists worldwide and hold the most important position within the fourfold community and the holy Sangha, in order to spread the Buddha’s teaching in a modern, useful way.

Internationalization of Buddhism
Through the Bodhimitra organization, we aim to strengthen ties among Buddhists of all branches and affiliations and exchange information so that humanistic and Engaged Buddhism may become a main influence in leading humankind to world peace and reconnecting people to altruism and spirituality.


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